First off, I’m sorry for the wait on MGRII news! June and July have been very busy, in some expected and unexpected ways! The 2nd printing will be mailed out EARLY NEXT WEEK! Look for them in your mailboxes soon!

If you haven’t paid for your copy yet, I’ll be in contact by e-mail shortly. Again, thanks so much for your patience! I’ll be signing all the 2nd printing copies as a thank-you for waiting, and maybe a pony sticker or two will find its way into the package as well :)

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Orders and a Second Print Run

So we’re coming to the end of our first print run! If you would still like a copy, we will be open for orders until next Monday, June 3rd. We will be putting in another print order the next day for exactly however many orders we get, and that will be it! Due to production times, shipping may take as long as two weeks, so just keep that in mind!

They will still be $25+shipping. If you would like to order a copy of this 68 page, full color art book filled with earth pony goodness, please send an email to For reference, here is a list of contributors.

To reiterate, this is our very last shipping run! if we don’t hear from you by June 3rd, we won’t be able to order one for you.

Thank you!